Harambee Africa International is launching the 7th International Prize, "Communicating Africa" to help create a more accurate image of Africa, one that reflects the existing conflicts but also shows the reasons for hope; the richness and diversity of its peoples and cultures, the unwavering commitment to development, and at the same time the needs, which are still very real. In short, to promote awareness of a continent that is a treasure for the whole world.

This is a prize for anyone who can bring out the greatness of the little stories this continent and its people hold, including stories of integration, peaceful coexistence, and dialogue.

The goal is not to give a naive or simplistic view of Africa, but rather to show that, alongside wars and shortages, one also finds hope and the honest work of many individuals and organizations.

Harambee means "All Together" in Swahili and summarizes the meaning of this organization: all together to accompany a continent that has much to teach the world.

The award ceremony will take place in Tolosa (France) on November 17, 2017.

For more information on the VII edition of the Prize, visit: https://communiquerlafriqu.wixsite.com/communiquerlafrique